Tovuz Archaeological Expedition

NASA Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography currently conducts archaeological excavations in Goytepe Neolithic Settlement situated in the area of Tovuz region. Experts from Tokyo University joined the excavations. 

The head of International Archaeological Expedition is PhD Farhad Guliyev. Analyze of the materials found there is implemented in broad aspect. The materials revealed and the edifice remnants showed strong development in these grounds in Neolithic period. This find assumes great importance for the world history. It is notable that, Goytepe ancient settlement was reflected in Azerbaijani State Program on tourism. Therefore, since this year, 2011 conservation work is being fulfilled on the archaeological monument parallel with the excavations.     
The expedition head Farhad Guliyev said that an article of a sickle type, found from the excavation site notify life style, culture of husbandry of population resided there 8000 years ago, therein considered novelty for worldwide science of archaeology: “We defined that the residents of Goytepe had a very high welfare in 6th millennium B.C., 8000 years ago. Display of the sickle and description of a solemn ship confirm once again possession of Neolithic period settlers a rich world outlook and elevated progress”.