Development and Propagation of Archaeological Tourism in Azerbaijan

The project “Development and Propagation of Archaeological Tourism in Azerbaijan” belongs to MIRAS Social Organization in Support of Studying of Cultural Heritage. The Organization won the grant proposal announced by the Council of State Support to NGOs under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan in regard with “tourism year” and was implemented by financial support of the Council. The purpose of the project is by propagating archaeological tourism in Azerbaijan to attain the development of this domain, to increase attention to our historical and archaeological monuments and interest to science of archaeology and to provide their protection. In order to gain this goal, much work had been implemented within the framework of this project. Lectures were given in cultural and educational institutions related with propagation and agitation of archaeological tourism; seminars on archaeological tourism, science of archaeology, historical and architectural as well as archaeological monuments existed in Azerbaijan were organized. The booklet “Azerbaijani Germs”, intended for lecture and seminar participants was published. Internet page (http://www.archaeotourism.az) which is set up for durability of the project is an integral part of this project. Our historical monuments, traditions and art are manifested here and we try to show and propagate the opportunities of archaeological tourism therein. Within the project a short film on “Azerbaijan Land of Monuments” was shot and introduced to the world community being translated into various languages. We think that the new project is useful for scientific community, archaeologists, historians, as well as students, undergraduates and post-graduates, citizens, and foreign citizens and hope this contributes to increase of interest in this field.