Bridge from Past to Future Day of Archaeology in Agsu, Azerbaijan
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MIRAS Social Organization in Support of Studying of Cultural Heritage has implemented project ‘Medieval Agsu Town Archaeological Tourism Complex’ in 2010-2012 years.

MIRAS Social Organization in Support of Studying of Cultural Heritage has implemented project ‘Medieval Agsu Town Archaeological Tourism Complex’ in 2010-2012 years. Medieval Agsu town was the largest city of 18th century and was built towards Mecca. The foundation of the fortress walls was constructed of river stone and the walls of raw brick. 1, 5 hectare area of the city was studied in 5 excavation sites in 2010-2012. In 5 excavation sites ( provisionally 3, 4, 5, 6, 7th sites) there revealed the streets, roads, settlements, handictaft estates, Juma Mosque, bath complex, fortress walls, water reservoirs, ice-store, etc. 3 sites are covered up with the metal construction. Generally, 13 vitrines are installed in the complexes. So, real archaeological tourism object was set up near Ulguj Village of Agsu Town through the project of Medieval Agsu Town Archaeological Tourism Complex. The excavations are ongoing now in Bayimli Village. On 11 July, 2014 a seminar was held in Medieval Agsu Town Archaeological Tourism Complex for Day of Archaeology under slogan “Bridge from Past to Future” with inititave of MIRAS Social Organization. The attendees watched “3D Presentation, Animation and Modelling of Medieval Agsu Town” by Teymur Najafzade at the seminar. Chief of Agsu Archaeological Expedition, Professor Gafar Jabiyev stated strengthening of archaeological exlorations in our country due to special attention and care of the Azerbaijani government and personally President of Azerbaijan Republic. He also shared information on the work done by non-govermental organizations functioned in Azerbaijan, Haydar Aliyev Foundation, SEBA Association, MIRAS Socal Organization in the line of research of our historical and cultural values, conservation and promotion of displayed monuments. The participants commemorated well-known archaeologists, had specials services in reveal of ancient layers of our history- Saleh Gaziyev, Isak Jafarzade, Osman Habibullayev, Mammadali Huseynov, Gara Ahmadov, Ideal Narimanov, Rashid Goyushov, others with one-minute silece. The head of Agsu region Executive Power, Anvar Seyidaliyev, director of ANAS Istitute of Archaeology and Ethnography Maisa Rahimova, Professors Ahmad Gashamoglu, Abbas Seyidov, Shikar Gasimov, deputy director of Az-Granata MMC, Vuqar Mikayilov in their speech informed on successes of Azerbaijani archaeologists during independence years and the outcomes of archaeological explorations and and appreciated glorious and hard work of archaeologists. Chairman of MIRAS Organization, Fariz Khalilli spoke about the work done in the line of research, promotion of Medieval Agsu Town and its recognition internationally. He also gave information about First YOCOCU School for Students and Young Professionals in Agsu in October 2014 on Conservation, Restoration and Management of Archaeological Sites. Independent archaeologist from Peru, Perudan Alvaro Hiqueras thanked the archaeologists and conservators for the work done in archaeological tourism complex and stated his appreciation of the experience. The seminar attendees got acquainted with “Archaeological pearls of Azerbaijan” exhibition. They familiarized comprehensively with the sites which were conserved in Medieval Agsu Town Archaeological Tourism Complex, as well as magnificent 16th century Shikhmazed monument recently revealed and studied this year by Agsu Archaeological Expedition.