MIRAS Joins Dede Qorqud Festival in Bayburt
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Opening ceremony of 18th International Dede Qorqud Festival was held on 11 July 2012 in Bayburt City of Republic of Turkey. The Festival continues till 15 July with various events. Azerbaijan is represented by delegation of MIRAS Social Organization in the festival.

The opening of “Agsu Wonder” exhibition took place in Bayburt City Culture Center on 12 July 2012 jointly by MIRAS Social Organization and BEKDER Bayburt Science, Education and Culture Association. The guests of the exhibition, Bayburt governor Hasan Ipek, Bayburt MP of AK Party, Bunyamin Ozbek, Bayburt municipality chief Haji Ali Polat, chairman of BEKDER Association Mete Emir and other authoritative representatives were informed on materials found from Turkic-Islamic town, Agsu and excavation novelties. Chairman of MIRAS Organization, PhD Fariz Khalilli noted Holland golden coins unearthened recently in Agsu town and their significance from the viewpoint of studying Azerbaijan-European relationships.

Later on “Irs” ensemble arrived from Azerbajan performed a very interesting repertoire at concert programme organized in Aydintepe settlement of Bayburt province within 18th International Dede Qorqud Festival. Aydintepe municipality chairman Orhan Eraslan presented gifts to Azerbaijani delegation.

Events of 18th International Dede Qorqud Festival still ongoing.