Gamigaya Legend

Gamigaya is located in the area of Ordubad region and north-east of Nasirvaz Village.




Gamigaya is located in the area of Ordubad region and north-east of Nasirvaz Village. It is the mostly used name of Gapijig Mountain, peak of Lesser Caucasus (3906 m) amongst the nation. The Mountain consisted of stiff cliffs was created in the 4th geological period. It is considered one of the most sacred pantheons of the ancient world. Different narrations about Prophet Noah’s passing through Gamigaya Mountain or standing there, exist. Apparently, similarity of Gapijig peak to a huge board sailed in the deepest oceans on the background of far blue sky gave to that “Gamigaya” name.
Gamigaya Pictures. Cultural traces of the mesolytic and Bronze Ages when primary generations of the mankind created, exist in Gamigaya. Rock drawings of Gamigaya have been explored since 60s of XX century by archaeologist Vali Aliyev. Ancient rock drawings were drawn on basalt rocks by boring, rate and forgery method in 2800-3500 m height in Garangush summer pasture. As a result of the explorations the quantity of Gamigaya petroglyphs was defined to be over 1000. Interesting drawings, signs, stamps which reflect life, having real and symbolic sense, were carved on the rocks. The development of the primary fine arts led to creation of samples of preliminary calligraphy culture- pictographic texts. The themes of majority pictures are cropping, husbandry and hunting. Rarely images on totems and the heavenly bodies, and reflected primary religious views of old people are encountered. Performance of dances in certain ceremonies is clearly seen from these portrayals. A part of Gamigaya drawings reflects generation growth, productivity and life renewal. Fulfillment of Bronze Age rock drawings of Gobustan, Gamigaya, Anatolia, Sunik, Kalbajar and Absheron in the same style and identity of most topics indicate ethnically and culturally the residence of kin tribes in ancient Azerbaijan and close neighbor areas.